About Us


Who Are We?
Well, in the most basic of answers: we are sisters, we are wives and mothers, and we love to make things with our own two hands.

But that’s just the short version. While I’m not going to delve into any fundamental existentialism that such a question might inspire, I will at least elaborate a little.

We are Tracy and Joc, two of four very close-knit sisters. We are both married to wonderful men and we each have ourselves a small and adorable kid. We are devoted wholeheartedly to our families and to their care. This means we spend long (and sometimes thankless) hours trying to find the best way to make “healthy” mean the same as “delicious”, we like to strive for green and natural if we can, and if we think we can make something at least as good as what we can buy in the store, then we’re definitely going to try.

Despite our lofty ideals, however, we are not — and do not subscribe to the myth of — Super Moms. Our houses are not ultra-organized. Our families do not only eat organic. We did not cloth diaper our children. We suffer moments of frustration and rage and anguish and despair, just like any other parent, and we occasionally lean on the promise of a “Victory Lap drink” (you know… when the kids finally go to bed). But even though we do not belong in the ranks of Martha Stewart, we do place the highest priority on making sure our families get the best of us.

All parents have their ways of staying glued together in the face of the hurricane that is parenthood, and the reason we are not a pair of gibbering messes is largely due to the fact that we are have supportive husbands who give us time to indulge in creative outlets. We have a passion for arts and crafts and a weakness for pretty things, and if we don’t each have a sewing/knitting/painting/felting/refurbishing project half-finished somewhere in the corners of our homes, then it’s only because we’re just about to start one. We are mostly self-taught and love the conquest of learning a new skill if we hit a roadblock, and if you’ve ever googled the phrase “How to make…”, then we will all get along splendidly.

We join the blogging army to come to you not as pros or experts, but as two gals who have tried some stuff and learned some stuff and want to share the stuff that’s worked. Our goal is to give you some tips about things you may not have tried, tutorials on things you’d like to make, and at the very least, a few moments of entertainment while you take a gander at our site.

Thanks for dropping in and we look forward to seeing you ’round!


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