Pillow Cover: A Weekend Project

Pillow Cover: A Weekend Project

How to sew a toss-cushion cover

Skill Level: minimal sewing knowledge

Toss cushions are a great way to add color and style to any space without a whole lot of commitment. You can change them up any time and they really can help to bring an otherwise boring space to life.

This tutorial will show you how to sew a pillow cover with a Velcro closure that you can put over an old pillow or use with a new insert. You can complete this project in just a few hours. You can even make this out of an old pillow case, shirt or blanket if you don’t want to buy new fabric!

What you need (for a 22″ pillow):

  • 1 – 23″ x 23″ piece of material
  • 1 – 23″ x 10″ piece of material (A)
  • 1- 23″ x 17″ piece of material (B)
  • Hook and Loop Tape (Velcro) – 21″ strip
  • Thread in coordinating colors

Making an accent cushion
1. First thing’s first: pick your fabrics. You can use all the same kind of fabric or you can do multiple patterns if you don’t have enough of one type.

2. Using the fabric that you want to be on the “front” of your pillow, cut a piece measuring 23″ x 23″. Depending on how particular you are, you may want to center your pattern (I didn’t). For the “back”, cut one 23″ x 10″ piece and another measuring 23″ x 17″.

3. Measure out a 21″ strip of Velcro (you want it to be slightly shorter than the width of your pillow).

4. Fold down one side of each of the back pieces twice and press to make a double hem.  A 1/2″ hem works well here and will leave you enough fabric to make a 23″ x 23″ square to match up with your front piece.
 photo Pillow-Hems_zps82e25b21.jpg

5. Attach the Velcro to the hem, one piece facing up, the other facing down (so they will be able to attach, obviously!).

6. Attach your now-fastened Velcro strips to each other and make sure they are straight. You should have a nice, even square, no smaller than 23″ x 23″.

7. Draw a centered 22″ x 22″ square around the edges of the wrong side — the side that will be inside of the pillow — of the back square. This will be your sew line.

(Tip: If you make your case a bit smaller than your filler (For example 21.5″ x 21.5″ in this case) you’ll achieve a fuller, firmer result.)
 photo Pillow-SewLine_zps8e73e794.jpg

8. Pin the front piece to the back piece, right sides facing in. Sew along the line you drew in the last step, back-stitching at the beginning and end to secure. There’s no need to leave a gap for turning since you can open the Velcro for that.
 photo Pillow-Pin_zps063b4d72.jpg

9. Take your sewn-together pieces and cut the corners off, being careful not to cut your seams, to reduce bulking.

10. Turn the whole shebang right-side out and poke the corners out using a turning tool.  (I just use a chop stick or a pen with the cap on.) Make sure you don’t push all the way through!

11. Finally, press the finished cover,  insert your filler (or old pillow) and you’re done!

Sew an accent pillow

As always, feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear. We’d love to see photos of your finished project too!

Have fun!

– Tracy

Ps. If you would like me to just make one for you, contact me on Etsy!


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