Weekend Project: DIY Spice Rack

Weekend Project: DIY Spice Rack

DIY Spice Rack

How to make a quick and easy custom spice rack

This do-it-yourself spice rack is so easy you can complete it in less than a weekend! It requires very few supplies and almost no skill whatsoever. Want to know how to make it? Here we go!

What you need:

  • Piece of wood ( I used a 3/4″ x 3″ x 72″)
  • Saw
  • L-Brackets – long enough to support the width of your shelf. In this case I used 2″ brackets (2 per shelf)
  • Paint (and brushes)
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Little Jars (The cuter the better!)
  • Sticker Labels

How to do it:

    1. Decide where you want to put your shelf and figure out how long the shelves should be. Cut your wood with a any kind of saw you have access to. My piece of wood was 72″ so I just cut it into 4 equal 18″ lengths but you can cut them to whatever you need them to be.
    2. Paint your pieces any color. You can do them in a contrasting color to stand out or use leftover wall paint and have them blend in. I went with an off-white to add pop against our dark walls. I did a few coats. You can do a protective top coat if you like as well but it’s not necessary. A high gloss would make them more durable.
    3. Decide on the placement of your shelves, make sure they are equally spaced and level. I find it helps to draw lines on the wall with a pencil and a level first.
    4. Attach the shelves to the wall using L-brackets, at least two per shelf depending on how long the shelves are. You can get these at any hardware store or even Walmart  inexpensively. You may also want to use drywall anchors when you screw the brackets to the wall for added strength.
    5. For the jars I found these super cute little guys at the dollar store for less than $1 each. I printed out my labels on the computer using multi-purpose blank labels and an Avery template but they would still look cute hand written.

Spice Rack   And that’s it! Fill your jars with your spices and put them on the shelves (alphabetical order makes things easier when you’re cooking) and voila! Done and done.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about this little project and I’d love to see photos of your versions!



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