All-Natural DIY Baby Wipes & Solution

All-Natural DIY Baby Wipes & Solution

How to make toxin-free baby wipes at home for cheap!

Hi there my lovely little crafties!

Today’s project is an easy peasy, all-natural baby wipes solution to be used with cloth wipes. I choose to make my own wipes for several reasons.

Most importantly:

  1. I prefer to avoid putting unknown ingredients (chemicals) on the most sensitive parts of my little girl’s body.
  2. Commercial wipes can be expensive and these reusable wipes are very cost effective.
  3. They’re a super-easy way to reduce the amount of waste we put out into the world every day. 
Natural Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes and Solution
Everything you’ll need to make your natural baby wipes!

For the wipes themselves, I use old flannelette receiving blankets (I find them used for $2.50 at a local consignment shop, or if you prefer you can use brand spanking new flannelette from the fabric store) and cut them up into rectangles. It’s better if you use pinking shears or a crimped rotary cutter to minimize fraying at the edges. One receiving blanket’s worth of wipes will last you quite a while. They may stain a bit but that’s OK! I like to store them in an old commercial wipes container for convenience. If that is the route you choose, keep that in mind when cutting the fabric so your wipes fit nicely inside. You can also use baby wash cloths but I find they’re bigger than they need to be which means more laundry. And we would never want that.

For the solution you only need a few ingredients. The variations are endless but I tend to keep it simple with filtered water (from a Britta is fine), essential oils and castile soap. You can add vegetable oils as well such as olive oil for added moisturizing effects but be sure to shake your bottle each time you use it because the oil floats.

Wipes solution recipe:

  • 1 cup filtered water
  • 1 tsp Castile Liquid Soap
  • a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil(Lavender oil is the only essential oil deemed safe for use on a baby’s skin but it should always be diluted as it is in this recipe. Not only does it smell nice, but it is astringent and inhibits bacteria while simultaneously soothing red or inflamed skin.)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil (optional)

Again, you can play around with this recipe a lot and make it your own. These proportions are approximate. You can add things like vinegar (which will also help inhibit the growth of mildew) or steep the water with some chamomile tea for further astringency. Add aloe vera gel for an added soothing bonus. Some recipes you will find around the web call for tea tree oil, but I prefer to avoid the use of tea tree on my baby as it can cause irritation if improperly used and is also toxic if ingested. It’s just better to be safe than sorry in that arena.

To use, shake the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray on the wipes as needed. You can also pour directly onto the flannelette wipes you put into your container. I was doing this for a while but you have to be careful because it can go musty. I say stick with the spray bottle!

 photo 1c25f338-a15d-4d47-b852-23e0e8d1840d_zpsad3087f7.jpg
I like to keep my wipes separate from the regular laundry so they don’t stain anything. (And I’m a chronic labeler.)

You’re going to want to wash your wipes…

I use this handy dandy foot pedal-operated garbage can for the soiled ones. If you want to take it a step further like I did, you can make a washable vinyl liner to go inside (perhaps that will be another post). Then all you have to do is take the whole deal and turn it inside out into the washer and you’ll never have to touch the pee-pee / poopy wipes. There are mixed opinions on this method of cleaning but I see nothing wrong with washing them with your regular laundry in warm water. (I  make sure any solids get tossed with the diaper.) I suggest washing them in a sensitive laundry soap such as Nellie’s Laundry Soda (a product I adore, by the way) since you’ll be using them on baby’s ultra-sensitive skin. I just chuck them in with my babe’s stuff a few times a week. If you use cloth diapers then you’re all set, just wash the wipes with them. Finish in the dryer on any setting your little heart desires.

And there you go. You’re all set to clean your kid’s butt with nature.

Have fun!



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